5 Facebook Ads Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Are you running Facebook ads but not seeing the results that you wanted or do you want to run Facebook ads but don't want to waste a lot of money? 

Today I'm going to tell you about the five deadly mistakes that I see service-based businesses making with Facebook ads. 

#1 - Targeting the wrong audience. 

If you have an offer, you can make your offer to people who already know you, like you and trust you. But targeting a cold audience and then making offers to them is going to drain your money, and you're not going to make any sales by doing that. No one goes online and sees a lawyer or a fashion stylist or an interior designer or a wellness coach and buys immediately. We need to know people. People buy from people who they know, like and trust. 

First, you need to think about warming up your audience, getting them to know you and like you and trust you, before making offers. 

 #2 - Being too creative with your copy. 

Your Facebook ad copy is a very important part of your ads. People are going to read it and decide whether they click or not, and they might read the first or second sentence and decide whether they're going to keep reading or not. 

With Facebook ads I have one rule for the copy, and that rule is don't be too clever, be very clear. Tell your audience what it is that they are going to get if they click on your ad because they are being bombarded from people all over the place with ads. They are going to be very selective. 

#3 - Not using Facebook pixels. 

As I mentioned before, you are going to see a much better return on your investment if you first build a warm audience who knows you before you make offers. And how you do that? You have a pixel installed on your website, on your landing page, and then you can retarget all of these people who have already visited you, who have already shown interest in your business, and then you can retarget them with your offers. 


#4 - Not having a sales funnel. 

If you have a service-based business, you need a sales funnel because it's very unlikely that people are just going to buy from someone that they just found online and a lot of the traffic going to your website is not going to convert immediately. They're going to bounce back and you're going to lose them. You need to bring them to you and you need to build a relationship with them through email marketing and by having a funnel. 

If you don't have a sales funnel in your business, you need to start looking into implementing one right now before you run Facebook ads. 


#5 - Giving up too quickly. 

People run an ad and they don't see the results, and they give up. Facebook offers you analytics that are helpful and very in depth. You can see you who responded to your ads, who didn't, what they respond to. You can test your images, your copy, your landing page, you can test just about everything. Now, don't give up if you run an ad or a few campaigns and they don't give you the results you wanted, you need to keep testing and tweaking until you see the results. 

If you want to run Facebook ads that give you results click here to download my Facebook ads guide and cheat sheet, and that will give you a good blueprint and a good idea of how to run a successful Facebook ad campaign. If you have any questions, let me know.