5 Facebook Ads Myths Busted!

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Today I'm here to debunk five Facebook ad myths.

#1 Facebook ads don't work.

Well, they do because if they didn't work, I wouldn't even have a business. Many, many businesses have been growing dramatically because of Facebook ads. Now, yes, you do need to know what you're doing. You do need to know how to operate Facebook ads and how to have a proper strategy for your ads to work. To just put an ad to any random audience with any random copy is not going to work.

Usually, if someone says the Facebook ads don't work, they do not have a proper strategy for the ads or they don't know how to do it, but Facebook ads do work. Some of my clients are getting 12 times return on their investment only through Facebook ads. I can say with certainty that they work.

#2 - You need to spend a lot of money to make money from Facebook ads.

That's not true at all. As I said, many of my clients are small business owners and they are not spending a lot of money. You can start your Facebook ads with only $5 a day. Do some testing, see what works and then you scale your ad spend. But as you scale your spend, you also are going to see bigger results and then, bring more leads and more clients into your business.


#3 - Facebook ads are only effective for online businesses and are not effective for brick and mortar businesses

You can target people around you based on the geographical location and as people nowadays are browsing websites and social media on their mobile phones, they can see your ad and go to your shop. They are very effective for brick and mortar shops.

#4 - My audience doesn't buy from ads.

I have heard that one before. Your audience, whoever they are, they are people just like you and me and if they see an ad that is interesting enough and is talking directly to their problems and offering a solution, they are going to click on your ads and they might not buy immediately, but through a proper strategy and perhaps the sales funnel, they will engage with you and they will buy from you.

When people say that my audience doesn't buy from ads, they mean they might not click and buy immediately. But if you send them to a converting sales funnel, they eventually will buy from you.

#5 - Facebook ads are for established businesses only and not for people who are starting out.

While established businesses, who want to grow and scale, will find Facebook ads invaluable and you can use Facebook ads to grow. If you are starting out, how are you going to drive traffic to your website? A lot of things take time to work. SEO takes time to work. Organic marketing takes time to work and so on. One of the easy ways you can do to drive traffic to a new website is through Facebook ads. As I said before, you can start with $5 a day, which won't break the bank. Then, you can start seeing traffic hitting your website and get inquiries and sales.

If you have any questions about Facebook ads, please let me know. Don't forget to download my Facebook ads guide and cheat sheet to help you get the most from Facebook ads.