7 Undeniable Reasons to run Facebook and Instagram ads

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Are you running Facebook ads for your business, and if you're not, why not?

Today I'm going to share with you seven undeniable reasons why you should be running Facebook ads for your business.

#1 - Facebook has over 2 billion active users

So, unless you're targeting people who live on another planet, your audience will be on Facebook. It's undeniable. It's the biggest social media platform. Your target market is using Facebook.

#2 - Attract new customers

There's no other better way to bring in new customers, new leads, new traffic, new inquiries to your business than advertising on a platform that has more than 2 billion users.

#3 - It's quite affordable

Facebook ads are much more affordable than advertising on TV, radio, or even Google. You can get started with $5 a day, which won't break the bank.

#4 - Advertising is a way to reach all your followers

You might have noticed that social media organic reach has been dropping dramatically. So, you might post something on your social platforms, and then you get a few comments, you get a few likes. But that's about it. Even if you have thousands of followers and people who like your pages, you're still not reaching even a third of them.

#5 - It's highly customizable.

Many of my clients have several different target segments. So, they don't just target one particular market, but they have different target markets. With Facebook and Instagram ads you can customise your ads to speak directly to your target audience, and you can also use Facebook's very sophisticated target capabilities, to target your particular niche.

#6 -  It offers in-depth, useful analytics.

With Facebook ads you can assess all of your results, you can see which target audiences are responding to your ads, who is not responding to your ads, what kind of copy attracts your ideal customers, what kind of images attract your ideal customers, videos, and just so much more. You can get to understand what your target market respond to and then you can do more of it.

#7 - You can re-target everybody.

Everyone who has visited your website, people who have put a product in your cart, but left without purchasing. You can re-target your email list, you can retarget people who clicked on previous ads, people who have been interested in your business. The people who almost purchase but didn't quite. So, you can keep on targeting them through Facebook ads and then help them make that purchase decision and work with you or buy from you.


There you have seven undeniable reasons why you should be looking at Facebook ads or Instagram ads. If you have a question, let me know.