I’ve got you covered!

Let me guess…

  • You keep posting stuff on social media, but that pesky algorithm is restricting your reach and your growth.

  • Anxiety is creeping in because you don’t know how to generate the number of leads, inquiries and sales you need to pay the bills and make the profits and income you want.

  • ·You know there must be an easier way to grow your business faster without burning out or getting forever stuck in the social media rabbit hole.

    It’s time to learn how to do the ONE thing that will bring in leads, inquiries, sales and growth without stress and overwhelm.

 1:1 Customized Facebook Advertising Training

Facebook advertising can help you see AH-MAZING results for your business, without EVER having to worry about “the algorithm” again.

During 2 hours I will walk you through the Facebook Ads Manager, and teach you my tried and tested method of running Facebook ads that gets RESULTS.

What’s included:

 A pre-start questionnaire for me to understand your business and tailor your training specifically for you.

 While the same principles apply to all businesses, different strategies benefit different industries, and cookie cutters belong in the kitchen.

 A customized 2-hour training where we will cover:

Fernanda Marketing Strategist Fab Marketing.jpg
  •  A Facebook Ads strategy that works for your industry.

  • How to set up and manage your campaign on Facebook Ads Manager.

  • How to target the right audience to boost your results.

  • Ad copy and graphics that get clicks.

  • How to get your ads approved and what to do if they ever get disapproved.

  • Budget

  • Placements

  • Testing, measuring, and optimizing your ads for best results.

  • How to interpret your results so you know if your campaign was successful.

BONUS: Take my tried and tested copy writing formula for Facebook ads.

 The training is conducted via zoom and it’s recorded so you can watch it again whenever you need.

 It also includes a month of e-mail support after the training. Priceless!!

 Here’s what clients said after working with me.

 Thank you Fernanda for our session on Facebook ads. I learnt a lot and feel confident to go ahead and create my ads now. 

 Jan Goldstone, Youthful Transformations

Hello Fernanda, thank you for the Facebook ads tutorials. I must say that I love them. You explain it so well and they are so easy to follow. Thank you.

 Ramona Borgs, Insight Style

I have run 2 campaigns with Fernanda at Fab Marketing since March this year and in this time my client numbers have increased by 50%. Fernanda helped me to build the right target audience and went above and beyond to make my campaign a success. I would recommend Fernanda to anyone who is looking for a personalised service and someone who will work hard to get you results."

Kellie Socratous, Intrepidus Strength & Conditioning

 "Fernanda has managed our Facebook ads campaign. We had to ask her to stop the ads mid-campaign, because we had so many people coming to our doors as a result, to the point we had to close down some sessions. Thank you so much for your help."

Grace Lazzeri, Kids Circle

 Your investment is $500 (+GST)

 When you learn how to run Facebook ads like a pro, you can kiss good-bye to:

  • Stressing about the ever-changing social media algorithms. Ah!

  • Wasting your precious time at boring networking events that result in nothing.

  • The stress and anxiety that comes from not having enough leads, clients and sales.

  • Wasting countless hours (more than you’d like to admit) on social media with nothing or very little to show for it.

Save time, make money and regain your sanity with Facebook ads that work.