4 Secrets to a High-Converting Sales Funnel

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I want to ask you a question, do you have a sales funnel in your business? And if you do, does it convert? Because one of the main questions I hear from people is, "Well, my sales funnel doesn't work." Or, "Do sales funnels work?" Yes, they do. But there are some elements that you need to nail for your sales funnel to work.

Here are four secrets that I want to share with you to ensure you have a higher converting sales funnel.

1: The Right Lead Magnet

The first secret is to use the right opt-in. You need to think about your opt-in, or your lead magnet and it really needs to connect with your target audience. It needs to be attractive to give your audience value and a quick win.

People have problems and frustrations and desires, and the role of your opt-in is to really grab their attention and bring them to your funnel.

You really need to think about how you can help solve a problem for them, give them a quick win, and that lead magnet has to be related to your core offer. So, whatever you're going to offer your target audience at the end of your funnel, your opt-in gift needs to be a true reflection of it, otherwise the two things won't be connected and your audience will get lost in your funnel, and they're not going to buy.

2: Why them? Raise awareness of the problem

In your email sequence, and in your funnel, you need to answer three questions. Number one is why them? You need to raise awareness of the problem.

Why should they buy from you? The question here is not about you, but why them? Do they have a problem? If they're not aware of their problem, you need to raise that question with them. And you need to connect with them emotionally, so they know that they are experiencing that problem, they are aware of the problem, and they are aware that there is a solution. They don't need to live with that problem.

You need to think about how you are going to make your audience aware of the problem that they are experiencing. And tell them that hey, they can come out the other side with a solution, and not have to live with it.

3: Why you?

The third secret to a high converting sales funnel is to answer the question why you? In the journey that you're going to send them through, you need to not just raise awareness of the problem, but show them and demonstrate why you are the best option to solve that problem. Because people are going to be thinking why you, why not the competitors?

There are many options out there in the market. And you need to think about how to overcome objections, and how to show them that you are the best option for them. Maybe you're not the best option for everybody, but that doesn't matter. You need to show your audience why you are the person that they should trust to help them with their problem.

You need to think about ways to address that in your email sequence, or in your funnel if you're not using email sequences.

4: Why now? Scarcity

And the fourth and last thing is scarcity, why now? If people don't have an incentive to act right now, they are going to procrastinate and postpone their decision for as long as they can. And that can be forever. And that's bad news for you, because they're not going to be buying from you.

You need to give them a reason to act right now. Why now is the best moment. Is it that you have a fantastic bonus? Is it your price? Or that you have a limited number of spots, or a limited number of products if you're selling products? You need to give your audience some sense of urgency of why they need to act and get the problem solved with you right now.

These are the secrets of a high converting sales funnel.

To recap:

  • Secret #1 - a fantastic lead magnet that really addresses your target market's frustrations.

  • Secret #2 - Why them?

  • Secret #3 - Why you?

  • Secret #4 - Why now?

If you can address those questions in your sales funnel and in your email sequence, you're going to be making a lot more sales at the end of it. If you have any questions, please send them to me.

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