How to prepare your business to scale and grow

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Are you looking to grow your business this year? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place.

One of the main goals that I hear from business owners, and from my clients is, “I want to grow my business.” Or, “I want to scale my business.” And, that's great, but before you are able to do so you need to have four things implemented in your business, especially if you sell services.

1: Create a ‘One to Many Offer’

Think about the services you offer that you're delivering one to one that you can transform into a product, so you can sell to many people. Otherwise you're going to have to hire people to continue delivering one to one services, and if that's you, that's okay. Remember you only have 24 hours in a day, and you don't want to work for 24 hours, right?

If you deliver services one on one, you also can look at certain services that you might be able to transform into a product, like a group programme, an online course, books, workshops, or a membership, or things like that. Look into your business, and see what you could deliver to many people instead of one to one, or if you want to hire a team that works for you so that you free up a lot of your time.

That's number one, how can you sell to more people?

2: Systems to Deliver your Offer

The second thing you're going to need is systems and processes to deliver those products and services smoothly. If you're going to create a course, or a programme, or a membership, you're going to have to look at, how to host it on your website for example. A platform where you can host your programme, or your course, to make sure you're delivering to your customers in a very, a smooth way, and they have a great experience.

You don't want to be stumbling, and having challenges, and really not knowing where each person is at with your product. Make sure that you do have the right system to host and deliver your products and services.

You can also deliver by using automated email sequences, sometimes we think about email sequences just for sales funnels, but you can actually use an automated email sequence to deliver your products and your services to your customers.

3: Automated Sales Funnels

Now, talking about sales funnels, the third thing that you're going to need is an automated sales funnel, because if you really want to grow, you can't just be doing a one to one sale. That's going to take, again, a lot of your time, or you're going to have to hire a team of sales people, which may end up costing you a lot of money.

Look at how you can implement in your business an automated email sequence, and an automated sales funnel. You would be looking at perhaps webinars, automated courses, automated email sequences, and things like that, so then you can really automate your sales process, and reach more people, and sell to more people.

4: Drive Traffic through Advertising

Number four, and last, you're going to have to look at how to attract much more traffic into your funnel. Now you have a product that you can sell to many people, you have a system to deliver it smoothly, you have a sales funnel that is automated, you need to send a lot of traffic to that sales funnel, and one of the best things to do that is through paid advertising, because with paid advertising you control your traffic.

You can determine how much money you put into it, what's the strategy you're doing, how you're going to reach your target audience with purpose.


Look into these four things before you consider growing, and scaling your business, and how you can implement them successfully in your business.

To recap:

  • #1 Creating a one to many offer

  • #2 Implementing a system to deliver your offer

  • #3 Implementing an automated sales funnel

  • #4 Using paid advertising to send a lot of traffic, targeted traffic to your sales funnel.

I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions at all let me know.

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