How to get GREAT client testimonials

We all know that great testimonials give credibility to a business. They provide social proof that you are indeed an expert in your field and can help others achieve great outcomes.

Whether you sell products or services, A-MA-ZING testimonials will help prospects choose your business over others.

But how can you get really awesome testimonials from your previous or current clients?

How to get great client testimonials


1-      Ask for it

It may sound obvious, but some people just wait for their clients to drop a “thank you” note at their own initiative. While this is lovely and sometimes it happens, most people won’t think about doing it without being prompted to, no matter how happy they are with your services.

Or perhaps they might say it to you in person or over the phone. Which is gratifying, but it doesn’t help promote your business to future clients.

So, just ask for it. If you’ve done a great job and your clients are happy, they will have no problems with your request.


2-      Don’t wait to ask

As soon as your work is finished with a client, ask for their testimonial. Don’t wait. Do it while the experience is still fresh in their minds. This will not only help them write a good testimonial but will also motivate them to do so.


3-      Send them a feedback form or questionnaire

Some clients may want to give you a great testimonial but they just don’t know exactly what to write. Or they may write something lovely, but not quite what you need your prospects to know about your products and services.

Send your clients a quick feedback form or questionnaire with prompting questions designed to get exactly the information you need to pump your business.

Always ask your clients if they don’t mind you posting their feedback/testimonial on your website and social platforms. It’s important that they feel comfortable about it.

How to get great client testimonials


4-      Make it a process

Make this a normal process in your business, so you don’t forget to do it. Write it down and have it as a process for you or your staff to follow. As soon as a job is done, ask for a testimonial.

I'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions on how to get great testimonials. So feel free to leave a comment here or on my facebook page.