4 Low Cost Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

We all know we need to drive traffic to our websites. The more targeted traffic we get, the better our chances to convert those visitors into clients.

Note that I used the word “targeted” traffic. That’s because numbers are just numbers. What you want is more of your ideal clients visiting your website.

Today I’m sharing 4 easy and affordable ways to drive more targeted traffic to your website.

4 low cost ways to drive more traffic to your website


1-      Create valuable content

Useful content is a great way to drive traffic to your website or sales page.

The secret is to create content that helps your target market solve a problem.

Start thinking about questions you hear from customers and prospects all the time. What problems are they facing right now? What kind of information can you share that will be valuable to them?

Transform that information into blog posts, videos, infographics, or free downloads, and publish on your website.

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2-      Promote your content

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If your content is only published on your website, the exposure you will get is very limited.

Once you have created great content you can promote it through social media, e-mail and Google advertising.

You can also tweet your content several times a day. Remember that people don’t check their tweeter accounts all the time, so you want to maximize your chances to be seen.

Here’s a little trick to help you reach more people - if your initial headline didn’t get much traction, try to post the same content with a completely different headline. This works really well with emails.

Send the same email a few days later only to those who didn’t open your previous email, using another subject line and see what happens. Soon enough you will discover what type of headlines appeal most to your audience.


3-      Be a guest

Content Marketing for Creatives Melbourne

A very effective way to drive more traffic to your website is to be a guest blogger, interviewee in a podcast or webinar, guest speaker at workshops or contributor to other people’s programs.

Make sure their target audience is the same as yours. There is no point in contributing to another website with a completely different audience, even if the numbers are appealing.

A little tip – if you are allowed to, include a link in your guest bog post to another blog post of yours (relevant to the topic). This will not only drive more visitors to your blog, but also showcase more of your content. If people like what they read, chances are they will start following you.


4-      Optimise your website for Search Engines

Content Marketing for Creatives Melbourne

Most people search products and services online before deciding where to buy. So if you don’t know the specifics of SEO and have no idea how to improve your search ranking, consider the services of a professional. It will be worth it.


I would love to hear your ideas and tricks to drive more traffic to your website. Feel free to share them here with me or on my facebook page.

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