How to create a month-worth of content in 2 hours

Watch the video or read the transcript.

Today I’m here to help you with a problem that I hear from everybody.

How to find the time to create great content.

We know that content is king in digital marketing, but who has the time to be writing blog posts all the time? Today I will show you how you can create a month's worth of content in just a couple of hours.

Plan your content strategically in advance

First you need to plan your content strategically in advance. If you don't have a strategic content plan, then you need to create one because you won't be able to create meaningful content in just an hour or two if you don't have a plan. If you don't know how to do it then check my blog post on planning content strategically.

Select 4 topics to record 4 videos

Once you have a plan or a content strategy, then this is what to do next.

Pick four topics that you can talk about and each of these topics is going to be a video. So record four videos. Each video should be between five and ten minutes.No longer than that.

And for each video you have one main topic, but you can divide that main topic into three, four, or five bullet points that you're going to be discussing during these videos.

Write down your four main topics and under each main topic, write down your bullet points.

Now, with that in mind, this is obviously content that you are comfortable talking about so you don't really need a huge script or anything. You just know your stuff. You can just get in front of the camera and start talking about those topics.

Get your videos transcribed into 4 blog posts

After you record the videos you can get them transcribed.  What I do with my videos is submit them to You can use an assistant, a VA, a team member, or use another platform to get a transcription of your video.

Now you have four videos and you have four written blog posts. You can put your videos on your website and you can also use the transcription, because some people prefer to watch a video but some people prefer to read your blogs.

You now have eight pieces of content.

Get 4 snippets from each blog and make them into social media posts

Next for each of the blog posts, and that's also the beauty about having those videos transcribed, you can go through them and check what are the main ideas and the main points that you are highlighting in those videos, in those blogs.

So, grab four snippets from each blog and transform them into four social media posts.

So, now you have four videos, four blog posts, and around 16 social media posts.

To me that’s a month's worth of content because you don't really need to post content every day. One blog a week, one video a week, and about four social media posts a week.

And that's how you can maximise your time and over two hours you have all your month covered, especially if your content has been created strategically.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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