Want an experienced and qualified digital marketer to educate and train your team on a particular marketing topic?


I absolutely love helping businesses navigate the world of digital marketing and teach them how to do their own marketing in house. 

I can tailor a workshop or training session specifically to your needs, so you can get clarity, direction and new skills to create a digital strategy to move your business to the next level. 

Some of the topics I can deliver include:

  • Digital Marketing Strategies and Planning

  • Effective E-mail Marketing Campaigns

  • Sales Funnels

  • Facebook Advertising

  • Content Marketing

Workshops and training sessions can be delivered at your office, at a third party venue (extra fees may apply) or via Zoom conference. 


Get in touch to discuss how I can help you and your team get much better results from your marketing efforts.





We’ve asked Fernanda to deliver a workshop to a selected group of clients. The workshop was packed with practical information and tactics that any small business can apply to improve their marketing. The feedback we received from our clients was very positive. I was impressed with the depth of information she provided. I strongly recommend Fab Marketing workshops to anyone who wants to learn how to do their marketing in house. We look forward to the next one.
— Adam Dimac, Avenue Solutions

Fernanda has some breadth of knowledge and skills in online marketing. I recently invited her to be a guest expert for our Start Up Mum Academy on the topic of email marketing and lead magnets. Fernanda was able to effectively communicate the intricate concepts in an engaging and informative manner. I was also impressed with the effort she went to in providing such extensive content to educate our members. We’ve had excellent feedback from our members and I look forward to any future opportunities where we can share her expertise further in our community.
— Michelle Smith – Founder, Start Up Mum

"I was struggling to reach a wider audience and didn't know how to keep a consistent presence online. Fab Marketing workshop was very helpful and informative. Fernanda is very friendly and I felt comfortable asking questions. The presentation was well paced and informal, I really enjoyed it and would surely recommend it to other business owners."

Sevil Sabah, Lyncris Jewellers

"I have a new business in a niche market and wanted to learn how to market to my customers effectively. Fab Marketing workshop was great, very helpful and well paced. I'd definitely recommend it to other businesses."

Alex Obleschuk, Journey Atlas

Highly relevant and interesting content presented in an engaging and professional way. I loved the interactive components. This was an extremely worthwhile morning. Thank you. 

Samantha Janssen, Navi


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