And not all of them will buy from you.

So, how will you attract, nurture and sell to the other 97% of the market?


If you are experiencing one or more of these problems…

  • Are you constantly chasing clients and sales, but sometimes its feel like you're running out of referrals, past clients, etc?

  • Is your inbox empty of inquiries, or are you receiving inquiries mainly from people shopping for the lowest price?

  • You have no clear path for growth, and you worry where your next customer or sales are going to come from?

  • Are you constantly working, or worrying about your business, even when you take time off?


If that's you, you're in the right place. What you need is a predictable way of attracting and converting clients on auto-pilot.

What you need is a sales funnel.


Sales funnels are the most cost-effective way to move your ideal clients from finding you online to becoming loyal customers.

Having a system that you can rely on repeatedly to attract leads and convert them into clients will free up lots of your time, increase your profits and make your sales process easier and stress-free.

However, sales funnels can be a little tricky, and a cookie cutter approach rarely works. That’s why I work one-on-one with you to build your specific funnel.

I will personally help you with the strategy, copy-writing and tech setup of your funnel to put your sales process on auto-pilot. So you can make more money, focus on what you love, live a little, breath again (remember how that feels like?).

I will help you map out, write and set up your sales funnels (customer journey), so you can watch your audience going seamlessly from mere social followers or web visitors to loyal clients.

Once we implement your highly converting funnel, you'll never have to worry again about where your next client is coming from. You will have certainty.

You'll have total control over your revenue and income because you can generate as many leads and clients as you want on demand.

You'll have more time and money to do the things you love, to enjoy life because you won't waste time and money on outdated marketing strategies that no longer work.


The Fab Sales Funnel System


During 8 weeks, we will work together to set up a system that will get you in front of the right prospects and help you communicate the right offer to them, so you can convert more leads into paying customers with ease.

This will include: 8 coaching video calls, templates, review and feedback on all your work, and tech set-up tutorials recorded for you to keep, plus unlimited email support during our time together.


What we will do


·         We will define who you serve and what they most want from you.

·         We will map out your sales funnel in detail, using channels that are aligned with your target market and easily leveraged.

·         We will craft your irresistible lead magnet.

·         We will write your sales page (or review your existing one).

·         We will design and write the landing page and thank you page to maximize your results.

·         We will set up and write your auto-responder email sequence to take your ideal clients from leads to customers.

.         We will link all the dots and make sure every part of your funnel works.

.         Last, but not least, I will show you how to drive targeted traffic to your sales funnel, so always have a new customers wanting to buy from you.


How does it work?


We will start with a questionnaire to get an in depth understanding of your target market, your offer, brand and key messages.

We will set clear, measurable goals, and together we will devise a strategy and map out your specific sales funnel.

You’ll get a welcome package with a timeline for you, so that we make sure your funnel is set up on time.

You’ll get your own private Google Drive Folder, so that we can keep all your relevant documents in one, safe place.

I will send you my step-by-step proven method of designing and executing a sales funnel.

You’ll receive my step-by-step video tutorials showing you exactly how to set everything up, from creating your lead magnet, designing landing pages, installing Facebook pixels, automating your email sequence, and more. Don’t worry, NO tech overwhelm at all. I’m a big fan of simplicity.

I will also give you instructions and fill-in-the-blank templates, customised to your business, to help you implement everything in no time.

I will review all your work, and will give you in depth feedback on everything that you do to ensure we’re attracting and connecting with your ideal clients, so they get to know you, like you, trust you and buy from you. 



You will also receive the following bonuses.

A sales funnel is useless if you don't know how to drive targeted, qualified traffic to it. That's why you will also receive the following bonuses:

sales funnels for service-based and e-commerce businesses
  • My highly specialized Facebook advertising training to generate leads on demand, at the lowest possible costs.

  • Access to a private Facebook group, so you can connect with like-minded business owners, ask questions, get feedback, troubleshoot, and get all the support you will ever need.



Just Imagine...


Sales Funnels and Email marketing sequences.jpg

How wonderful it would feel...

To be able to convert your social followers, website visitors, and people who find you online into customers with ease.

To have more certainty, consistency and be able to grow your business in a predictable way. 

To be able to plan ahead, book amazing holidays, and take time off knowing you have clients lined up to work with you and buy from you.

Have more time and freedom to be with your family, travel, and enjoy the things you love most without feeling guilty.


What clients say about working with me



"Thank goodness I met Fernanda Alberici from Fab Marketing.  Before we met I was struggling with my business and how to get my message across to potential customers.  Fernanda helped me unwind what it was I was selling and why it was different.  She helped me identify my target market and formulate a strategy that worked.  This was such an important process for my business and one I could not have done alone.  Her flexible approach gave me freedom to tap into her genius when I needed it.  I cannot recommend Fernanda highly enough.  Thank-you :)."

Michelle Broadhurst, Broadhurst Photography


"I run a small software business, and was keen to get more clients using my software.  Fernanda from FAB Marketing was great!  She really helped in many tangible ways, creating a sales process, scripts, and email templates I could use repeatedly to get more customers.  Fernanda is friendly, and great to work with. I would definitely recommend Fernanda to others."

Melissa Makin, Founder SETLS – Serious Toy Library Software


" I was looking to expand my client membership numbers, but didn’t know enough about marketing. I had tried signage and unpaid Facebook posts previously but my conversion rate on my trial offer was about 50% which I wasn’t happy with. Since working with Fernanda client numbers have increased by 50% and my conversion rate on my trial offer is currently sitting at over 90%!!! This is the same trial offer that was previously converting only 50% of prospects. I would recommend Fernanda to anyone who is looking for a personalised service and someone who will work hard to get you results."

Kellie Socratous, Intrepidus Strength & Conditioning

"Fab Marketing has been a great help to our business. We were struggling to communicate to our customers and Fernanda helped us with an online strategy, putting into words everything we are and offer. Thanks Fernanda for your help and for our marketing strategy!"

Carolina Velasquez, Kids Circle


Ready to put your sales process on auto-pilot?


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